Who We Are.

Contiform International is a designer, manufacturer, exporter and importer of medical devices used in women’s health.

Our signature product, the Contiform Pessary, is produced in Sydney, Australia and distributed in Australia, NZ, UK, Western Europe and Canada.

Contiform has successfully controlled stress incontinence in women for 25 yrs since its introduction.

Contiform’s product range has expanded to service GPs, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Womens Health Clinics over the last decade.

We now include Copper IUDs (France), Sterile water-based Lubricants, single-use sterile gynaecological instruments, IUD insertion kits and single-use instruments used in IVF.

Contact Angus Taylor +61 (0) 414419069 or angustaylor @ contiform.com for further information or request a sterile sample for evaluation.

Australian-Designed and manufactured in Sydney.