Blue P149



The PM-CARE® INSERT-KIT IUD insertion kit is used to insert an intrauterine device in the intrauterine cavity. It is composed of a Pozzi forceps, a Cheron forceps, a pair of string scissors and a hysterometer.
• The straight Pozzi forceps grasps the cervix, performing “traction-fixation” on the cervix to enable the flexion angle of the uterus to be adjusted to 180°. This correction of the flexion angle is necessary in order to insert instruments and fit the intrauterine device without risking uterine perforation.
• The angled Cheron forceps cleans the uterus and the working area.
• Lateral or distal string scissors are used to cut the strings of the intrauterine device. The practitioner can choose to use a pair of lateral or distal string scissors according to their personal preference and ease in the act to be performed.


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